GPHolding Comunicazioni, a communication company, that works alongside companies and institutions in the field of marketing strategies and international relationship for over 20 years.


GPHolding Comunicazione is also a Media Communication Agency with a division exclusively devoted on the concept of promoting and strengthening of the brand image at opinion leaders, press, and media by means of integrated communication services.

GPHolding organizes events and activities specially designed.


In 2010, GPHolding Comunicazione founded Benvenuta Italia, a communication platform for private companies and institutional entities, such as The Italian Embassy in the U.S. with reference to the 2013s, The Year dedicated to the Italian culture in the United States, The Italian Trade Agency ITA in New York and The Italy America Chamber of Commerce in New York, the true bridge between the Italian and the American markets since 1887.


Benvenuta Italia is an elegant quarterly magazine in Italian and English languages, dedicated to the Italian excellence in the world, it also has a portal Benvenuta Italia with 10,000 free copies is distributed to the following target: Affluent and Wealthy, Opinion Leaders and Opinion Makers, Institutional Entities and Press office, to some of the main international airport lounges, embassies, places of culture, ITA agency, economics marketing and culture symposia, and to a mailing list of stakeholders.

The Benvenuta Italia payoff is “Expression, not Impression”: its mission is to encourage customers in creating contacts and relationships in order to generate contracts and business.

The customers of Benvenuta Italia will find with it High Reputation and Emphatic Marketing.


Thanks to Benvenuta Italia, we can be ambassadors of your brand overseas, and where it is necessary, we will bring the Italian philosophy, based on the concept of Made in Italy.


Benvenuta Italia is an exclusive club where the Italians brands travel around the world, thanks to the synergies that we will create.

The core business of the GPHolding Comunicazione has always been the marketing and positioning of the product, therefore we will bring to your attention the activities and initiatives to grow profits and reputation of the brand that is an emphatic sensation of management, which the brand represents.